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The Non-Invasive Alternative to Liposuction

Get Weight Loss Patients Program   (Special Rates for LipoMelt Members Only)

Sign up for this amazing new weight loss patient attraction strategy that gets you up to 5-20 new weight loss patients every month, without having to do all the marketing work…it’s all done for you.  Just select the plan that works best for you.  

(All plans include everything)

To call:  (888) 857-2621

To sign up, visit:  http://getweightlosspatients.com/lipomelt/

To listen to a recent LipoMelt webinar regarding this program, visit:   http://apps.drivingforce.com/lipomelt.html


Remember:  When you choose the new website option, you get a full blown, weight loss patient attraction website which can be used as a complete weight loss program website ready to go with all the marketing systems built in or as an additional marketing website.