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The Non-Invasive Alternative to Liposuction

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We review over 60 peer-reviewed papers on tissue repair and pain control.   Although most studies use low level lasers, more recent studies reveal very similar results with LED systems.  The studies show overwhelming positive results with pain control and tissue repair using various wavelengths from between 600nm and 900nm. Improvement is also noted with increased elastin and collagen formation, rate of healing, tensile strength and time needed for wound closure.


The history of the 635nm wavelength and how they discovered that it drained the fat from the fat cells.


There are two basic reasons for someone to be overweight.

1.  Too much food, not enough exercise

2.  Health Issues

The main health reasons that cause people to be overweight include:

a.  Getting older resulting in lower metabolism.
b.  Hormonal, adrenal, thyroid or liver issues.

While almost every patient will benefit from the LipoMelt procedure, patients from the first category will often see results after just one session.  Those from the second category will most likely take several sessions before seeing long-lasting results. 


Low-level laser energy has been increasingly used in the treatment of a broad range of conditions. This study examined whether 635-nm energy had an effect on adipose tissue. After 6 minutes of 635nm exposure, 99 percent of the fat was released from the adipocyte.


There has been an explosive growth of interest in the uses of light for healing and cosmetic treatments in recent years.  The near-infrared light emitted by LEDs seems to be perfect for increasing energy inside cells and accelerate healing.


Based on these facts, it is obvious 635nm technology can shrink fat cells.